Jialan Report 95 – Working tog

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Once the permanent housing settlements were completely finished, the residents of Taitung’s Jialan Village (嘉兰), one by one began adding the finishing homely touches. In order to support village restoration projects, each home can apply to the post-reconstruction project for a grant of up to almost US$3500.

In Jialan Village, most residents commission the master craftsmen to execute the work of adorning the village with its tribal character, but a small number of residents still prefer the traditional way of doing things, where work groups are formed to do each home one at a time; the ethos runs roughly on the idea, “today we’ll do your home and tomorrow mine.” This is an ancient tribal custom, and from time immemorial, villagers have used work groups to provide mutual assistance. Most homes in the village build a traditional ‘ubu’, a low stone-made wall that can be used as seating when guests visit. In the village, most people don’t invite guests directly into their living room, but instead entertain them in the front yard outside their home, or underneath an arbor. This traditional culture of ‘ubu’ building is very much alive and kicking inside Jialan Village.

PeoPo 公民新闻 by 嘉兰报告

Jialan Report 95 – Working together to beautify the village



Jialan Report 95 – Working tog海棠永久屋和莫拉克永久屋先后完工之后,台东县嘉兰的住户就陆陆续续在美化自己的家屋。这是原民会的灾后重建补助案,原住民的永久屋都可以提计划申请补助,每户最多十万元。